What is the burn time of each candle?

The burn time depends on the size of the candle 4 oz candles burn between 20-25 hours. An 8 oz. and 10 oz. candles will burn between 30-40 hours. And 28 oz. candle will  burn for about 60-65 hours. 

How do I prevent my candle from getting black soot?

To prevent black soot from forming in the candle vessel it is important to trim your wick before you light the candle. When a candle burns it creates a mushroom on top of the wick. Before you light the candle use your wick trimmer to cut the mushroom and trim the wick to 1/4 of an inch. This will provide a better burn time, less soot, and allow the candle to burn down more evenly. 

Do I need to trim my Simply Nestled candle before I burn for the first time?

All Simply Nestled candles are pre-trimmed for the the first burn. No need to trim until you have burned the candle to a full melt pool.  

Can I extinguish the candle before the top has formed a melt pool?

For the best burn let the candle form a full melt pool before extinguishing. 


What if the candle is damage in transit?

My goal is to cushion and package the candles as best as I can for a safe arrival. If your candle arrives damaged please email info@simplynestled.com with a picture of the vessel so I can replace the candle. 

Where is the best place to stay up to date in Simply Nestled?

Simply Nestled information will always be available on our website but please follow me on Instagram @simplynestled , on TikTok at Simply.nestled, and on Facebook @simplynestled. Pinterest coming soon. 

Are these candle safe for the skin use because they are non toxic?

Simply Nestled candles are not for skin use. The concentration of fragrance in cosmetic products differs from candles. My candles as not for use on the skin. 

Can I burn my candle all day?

The best and most safe way to burn a candle is 4 hours at a time. It is important to use caution when touching a candle vessel that has been burning for more than an hour. Burning the candle 4 hours at a time allows for the candle to create an even melt pool and burn evenly.


Does Simply Nestled offer custom orders?

Yes, I offer custom baby, bridal, wedding shower, and party candles. In addition corporate gifts, welcome bag candles, and wholesale items. Email info@simlpynestled.com for inquiry about custom orders. 


Can I pick up in store?

You can order thru the online store and pick up in store. At check out select store pick up as your delivery method.  

Do you you have a store front?

Yes our store is located at

175 Rt. 70 
Medford NJ 08055